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Baby Genes Gets Kids Off to the Right Start

If any of you are parents, I am sure the birth of your child was a whirlwind of memories, doctors, paperwork, tests, and visitors. One thing that most parents do remember is when the doctor or nurse came and poked the heel of their newborn. They collected five spots of blood on this special type of paper […]

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Integrating HIS with LIMS

Integrating LIMS with Health Information Systems

At GenoLogics, we are single-mindedly focused on supporting –omics in the advancement of healthcare. However, as the head of development, I can tell you that there is nothing single-minded about how we develop Clarity LIMS, our laboratory informatics solution. We take a comprehensive approach to development based on interactions with partners, customers, and luminaries in […]

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Genomics in Australia

The Sequence of Things to Come in Australian Genomics

Australia has given the rest of the world such colorful figures as Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee. Vibrant, irrepressible, and dynamic—these characters seem to embody the Australian spirit. Vibrant, irrepressible, and dynamic are three words that could also be used to describe the state of genomics in Australia. I work at OnQ Software, a developer and […]

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