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Our Vision: “We catalyze life sciences research with a collaborative data management software platform, advancing early detection, prevention, and treatment of disease.

Advances in genomics, proteomics, and related sciences introduce a whole array of new diagnostics and companion therapeutics to traditional health care methods, which will have a monumental impact on society in the coming years.

As researchers, clinicians, and genetics experts begin to incorporate desktop sequencing technology into their labs and clinics, the goal of improving human health through personalized medicine will start to become a reality for the general population.  With its lab information management software products, GenoLogics is uniquely positioned to enable this leading-edge research and diagnostic work.

GenoLogics was formed in 2002 with the simple goal of building a flexible and adaptable Lab Information Management System (LIMS) for the burgeoning proteomics industry. Proteomics researchers required a LIMS that could manage the complexity of their research and the vast data sets they were creating, but which was also flexible, easy to use and configure, and quick to deploy. Traditional LIMS systems were (and still are) complex, inflexible, fully customized, and often take years to implement. GenoLogics quickly developed a customer base of world-renowned researchers, who have fully adopted and embraced its software.

GenoLogics CEO, Michael Ball

GenoLogics CEO, Michael Ball

By 2006, it was evident that similar informatics challenges existed in the genomics field. In response, GenoLogics expanded its LIMS platform to support the many genomics technologies available in the market. The introduction of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology was an inflection point for GenoLogics. The rapid market adoption of NGS combined with the inherent information and data management challenges related to NGS research have created an unprecedented opportunity for GenoLogics.

The year 2011 marked the introduction of desktop sequencing systems. These innovative, low-throughput platforms are quickly becoming key enablers for transitioning genomic science from basic research to clinical diagnostics. As genomic science accelerates into clinical applications, there is a tremendous need for a LIMS built specifically to support the unique requirements and corresponding regulations of this market segment.  Today, Clarity LIMS can be used in any genomics lab, including CLIA certified labs.  The system tracks samples from submission to reporting of results, while ensuring positive identification, workflow enforcement, and optimum sample integrity, to assist and support research and clinical labs with regulatory compliance.

GenoLogics collaborates closely with leading sequencing technology vendors such as Illumina, Life Technologies, Ion Torrent, Roche, and Pacific Biosciences to ensure that customers realize the full value of their LIMS software today, while working to apply it to the latest technologies that will enable personalized medicine tomorrow.

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