The Basics

Q: What is a LIMS?

A: LIMS stands for Lab Information Management System. Read more about how they can help your lab here.

Q: I’m am reluctant to cast my spreadsheets aside. Will the transition to LIMS be easy?

A: Clarity LIMS is extremely intuitive and and easy to use. Read more here.

Q: I’m not sure if our small NGS lab needs a LIMS?

A: Read our whitepaper “Four Signs You Need A LIMS”

Q: My lab has very specific workflows. Can I customize them easily?

A: You sure can. Read more about Clarity’s configurability here.

Q: I’m definitely interested in a LIMS, but I’m divided on building or buying a system.

A: Read our whitepaper that outlines the pros and cons of each.

Q: I’m fairly new to running a lab. Any tips on how to make my lab efficient and successful?

A: Read our whitepaper: How to Improve Operations and Run your Lab Like a Business

Q: Do you have any customer reviews or testimonials?

A: Yes, click here to read our testimonials or visit watch presentations from customers our User Group Meetings.

Editions and Features

Q: Clarity Run Manager? Clarity Silver? Clarity Gold? Which do I choose?

A: You can compare Clarity Editions here

Q: What is Clarity Run Manager? Is it a full fledged system? What does it do?

A: Clarity Run Manager is sample management software for sequencing. Learn more here.

Q: What is Clarity LIMS “In the Cloud”?

A: You can read more about our hosted software here.

Integrations and Compliance

Q: How does the software integrate with my instruments? Which instruments do you support?

A: Learn more about our integrations here.

Q: I’ve heard LIMS can take ages to implement. Is this true for Clarity?

A: Definitely not. Our preconfigured workflows make out of the box installations a breeze. Learn more here.

Q: I’m looking into liquid handling robots. Does Clarity integrate with these machines?

A: Yes. You can find more information about automation here.

Q: I need to be able to sign off specific steps and have all data accessible for auditing.

A: We have features like e-signatures, and detailed audit trails to help your lab obtain or maintain compliance.

Q: There would be multiple people accessing the software. Can I change permissions of who can access what?

A: Absolutely. Our configurable role-based interface enables you to break down what each member of your team needs to see. Read more here.

Q: Are you HIPAA, CLIA compliant?

A: We support HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. Read more about our system security and patient privacy here.

For free downloads, videos, case studies, webinars, and whitepapers, visit our Resource Library.

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